Monday, October 17, 2011

Dispatches from Montreal

Here's a little sample of the Champlain Montreal Study Abroad blog for this fall.

Entries have included reflections on trips to Quebec City, electronic music, game design company visits and more.

"When I told my friends from back home that I’d be spending a semester abroad in Montreal, they were skeptical. “Montreal? Isn’t that like two hours away from Vermont? That’s not studying abroad; that’s studying next door!” Things like that. I guess I can understand where they’re coming from, but then again, the ones who say that have never been here before.

While Montreal may not be impressively far away when measured by miles (or kilometers!), it is truly a completely different world, offering endless new experiences. Why, as I sit in this cafĂ© downtown, sipping on my moka glace (iced mocha) and write this blog post, a small contingency of birds are hanging out with me, like it’s no big deal. Alarmed, I look around at others to share my amazement at these unusual customers. Nobody else seems to care. Apparently, sharing the newspaper and coffee with feathered friends is just part of daily life here." Read more...

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