Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Lunch

Early Arrivals to the Halloween Lunch

Yes, Halloween ishere!  We hope you’re excited to once again join us for our annual staff Halloween lunch at 12:30 in the IDX Student Center.  Prizes for best costumes and more. 

What are the prizes?
For the ‘Most Creative’ and ‘Most Sustainable’ costumes, the individual winner will receive a gift certificate to the bookstore and Jazzman’s respectively.  For the ‘Best Group’ costume, the group will receive a gift card to have their own pizza party.

I understand the ‘Most Creative’ and ‘Best Group’ costumes, but what is up with this new category, ‘Most Sustainable?’
This is a costume that is made only from leftover items around your home or office.  No fresh fabrics, poster board, or shopping for other supplies J.

Lunch at IDX and all this excitement sounds like it’s worth a lot more than $1.  Doesn’t it?
It sure does…and we’d love it if you choose to donate more than the minimum $1.  ‘Teach for Tomorrow’ is this year’s sponsored organization and we’ll be fundraising for this program (overseen through the Center for Service and Civic Engagement) at all of this year’s events.  It’s a fantastic cause and encourage you to donate more if you can.  Just hide your money for now…I hear Stephen Mease’s footsteps behind you with his United Way collection tin!

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